4 February 2011

Hints & Help: Sending emails from within Ensemble

The purpose of the blog this week it to show you how to set up and send emails from within Paritor. You need to do two things: enter your email address on your User details and set your SMTP settings

To set your SMTP server settings you will need a your SMTP address and Port Number (this will vary depending on your Internet Service Provider; if you do not have this information contact your ISP or support@paritor.co.uk and we can supply you with the necessary details), a User Name (your full email address) and your email login password.

When you first click on the Send Email icon the SMTP details window will open


Once you have entered the information click on the Test button which will send an email to your address and to support@paritor.co.uk if the message fails to send then check your information is correct and try again, if it still fails then contact Paritor Support. When successful you will be able te send emails to your Teachers, Parents, Pupils and Venues from within the software.

It is important to note that not all emails addresses are compatible with sending SMTP mail within the system. These are any Virgin Media accounts and Hotmail account. If you have one of these we recommend you set up a Google Mail account which is free.

The Hints and Help blog will return next week. If you have any questions or thoughts please comment or contact us on support@paritor.co.uk

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