24 February 2011

Hints & Help: Logging correspondence sent to Parents

Welcome to this weeks Hints & Help blog, just a quick one this week on the subject of logging emails.

As you know every correspondence (Letters, Emails, Texts etc.) are logged in the correspondence tab of the recipient’s Record Card. This allows you to see a full history of every correspondence you have had with your customers. This is straightforward until you send anything to a Parent of a Pupil, and we felt that it is important to clarify where these emails and letters are logged.

Any correspondence sent to the Parent of a Pupil is logged on the Pupil’s correspondence tab and NOT on the Payer’s tab. This is because Parents and Payers, although often the same, are not the same person 100% of the time.

I hope that this clears up any confusion. Also, as some of you will have read in last week’s blog, i did say that the blog this week will be about the latest update. However this is not the case as the update is still being tested to make sure that it all works as it should, therefore providing as seamless a transition as possible.

The blog will return next week with more hints guides to help you get the most out of are software.

If you have any questions or issues please comment or contact us either by phone on 01395 445092 or email support@paritor.co.uk

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