1 February 2011

Decrease in the number of trainee music teachers

The government has stopped funding for 14% of students to become secondary school teachers, reducing the number to just 14,555. Cuts will be felt harshly by music trainee teachers with 180 fewer this year.

Gove has also abolished the “golden hello” of £6,000 for music and drama.

Professor John Howson, director of Education Data Surveys which analyses teacher recruitment patterns, said:

"Entering the public sector, whether as a police officer or a teacher, now demands a level of financial sacrifice many will not be willing to bear," Howson went on: "London may face a teacher supply crisis by 2013 or 2014 if the demand for graduates in certain subjects from the private sector exceeds the supply from our universities. Maths and physics are the prime subjects at risk."

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