7 February 2011

The aftermath of the Henley Review - Gove has allocated £82.5 million for Music Education.

Michael Gove, Education Minister will match the total funding in 2010/11 by giving £82.5 million for music education .

This decision is post the announcement of the Henley Review, an independent paper carried out by Darren Henley, Classic FM.

The government has stated that there will be a move towards a “national formula for music education funding” in 2011, but will ensure that no local government loses more than 10% of its central funding in this first year.

The Henley Review has announced a total of 36 recommendations for the minimum expectation of a child going through the school system in England.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said: "Music has the power to touch the soul. It is a universal language understood by people of every culture. And it gives us all the chance to be transported by beauty.

"But access to the best musical education is not universal and the opportunity to benefit from great instrumental tuition is not shared equally.

"Many disadvantaged children are denied the music education they deserve. And that's why we need to bridge this musical divide."

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