20 January 2011

Gove launches a major review of the schools subjects today

The Coalition said the last Government stripped vital content from the national curriculum, leaving pupils with a poor understanding of English literature, maths, science, foreign languages, history and geography.

Music in secondary schools fails to get pupils to study a specified composer, musician or piece of music.

Education Minister,. Michael Gove has said "The top-performing education nations all have rigorous curricula which act as a benchmark for achievement and a guide to essential knowledge.

"But while we have one of the biggest curricula in the world – at nearly 500 pages – it has failed a generation by not preparing them for the modern world.

"The existing national curriculum embodies poverty of aspiration."

The new curriculum is expected to be in place by September 2013 which will incorporate both primary and secondary. Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has admitted concern that this new curriculum might be based on ‘ministers pet interests.’

Included in the panel will Bernice McCabe, headmistress of North London Collegiate School and will be led by Tim Oates, director of research at the Cambridge Assessment exam board

The document outlining the panel’s remit supplied by the Department for Education says the new curriculum will spell out the basic subject knowledge all children should acquire, while giving schools more freedom to deliver lessons.

It says the national curriculum “has been over-prescriptive, has included material that is not essential and has specified teaching method rather than content”.

“The Government envisages schools and teachers taking greater control over what is taught in schools and how it is taught, using their professional skills and experience to provide the best educational experience for all their pupils,”

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