18 January 2011

A call for better use of technology in schools

In a recent survey it has been found that there is a significant gap between the use of technology for students at home and school. A survey conducted by Microsoft found that 82% of 16 – 18 year olds use facebook on a daily basis.

Speaking at the BETT Show for educational technology in London, Microsoft's director of education, Steve Beswick, mentioned that within school there remains much "untapped potential" in how teenagers use technology.

Mr Beswick says teenagers' level of engagement with information technology at home is not being matched within school.

He went on to say that it is important that students leave school with "appropriate skills" in information technology.

"Rather than pushing back something like Facebook, it's a matter of finding out how it can work for learning," said Mr Beswick.

The Microsoft survey also found that 71% of teenagers believe they learn more about information technology outside of school than in formal ICT lessons.

"Technology isn't the answer to everything. But it can be a useful tool, it can light up a subject."

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