9 December 2010

Music Education is imperative say the British public

Whilst we are all awaiting the announcement of the music education budget, a recent study by ISM has found that 91% of British adults want children to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument at school. ISM Chief Executive, Deborah Annetts said 'These results are overwhelming evidence that people in Britain are hugely supportive of our world-class music education system. Now is the moment for us to speak up loudly and proclaim just how good music education is in this country and how much support it has.'

These result have come through at an important time, and with cuts lingering, it is imperative the importance of music education is demonstrated. John Witchell’s Chief Executive of the FMS agrees ‘We produce superb musicians because we have a first class, world class music education system, underpinned by and dependent on music services’

The government body, Ofsted have not failed to recognise how important music education is, Tony Knight, Specialist Adviser for Music, OFSTED ‘Having the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to play and perform with others is known to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills leading to a positive attitude to schooling and improved standards in music and the wider curriculum”. But in today’s client economic climate nothing should be taken for granted, and continuous progress should made with promoting how good the system is, keeping shouting about it and tell everyone!

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