14 December 2010

Hints & Help: Sending Christmas E-cards to Teachers

With Christmas fast approaching, we at Paritor thought that it would be a good idea to provide some Christmas Themed help. So here are instructions for sending a Christmas E-card to all your Teachers using Paritor Insight.

Step One: Extract Teachers for Email

On the Ribbon Menu go to Teachers -> Extract Teachers.
Select from the Extract Wizard that you want to Email Teachers and refine the search to include the teachers you want to email. Note that to send the email to Schools or Pupils you can just follow the same instructions but in the relevant Extract Wizard.

Step Two: Write your E-card

You can either write the email yourself or you can use the HTML template we have written . The template is attached to this email as a Word Document; you can change the text, colour, picture etc. if you so wish in Microsoft Word.
If you would like the Christmas Template to send out to your teachers please conatact Support@Paritor.co.uk and we will email the template to you
When the E-card looks as you want it to simply save the file as a ‘Web Page’ which will save it as an HTML file. Once you have the HTML E-card refined to your specifications you can load the file in Paritor insight.

Step Three: Load and the HTML with Paritor Insight and Send the email

To load the HTML into the email you need to select the HTML icon on the Email function
You then need to click Browse and select the amended HTML file that you have saved.
Once this has been done simply click Send and all your recipients will receive your festive E-card.
If you need any help with this please contact Support@Paritor.co.uk

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