7 December 2010

Contacting parents, teachers and pupils in adverse weather conditions

Hundreds of schools were closed last week and tens of thousands of children were forced to stay at home due to the adverse weather conditions. The snow reached record levels for the time of year. With Scotland and the North of England were the worst affected.

Dr Lynn Rose, head of Lindisfarne Middle School in Alnwick, who opened last Wednesday but by lunchtime weather warnings had become so severe and driving conditions were consider hazardous that she had to close.

“Every day we do our best to open if it is safe to do so. But there is a lot of deep snow. It is up to my knees on the school site and where the snow had slipped off the roof, it was up to the caretaker’s waist.
“Our concern is to the get the children home safely. Some of our transport providers didn’t manage to get children into school and we are getting reports from them that the roads south of Alnwick are worsening. We share transport with other schools so we made the joint decision to close.”

Problems were found with relations to how to contact parents to let them know that lessons had been cancelled, and in subsequent days also teachers and parents to inform them that the schools wouldnt be opening. Sending bulk emails or text messages is the most effective way but many education establishments don’t hold this information in one database let alone have the ability to send out text messages.

Paritor’s software allows users to send out emails and text message to members of one group.

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