2 December 2010

Changes in version

There are several new features included in this update especially to the facilities provided within the schedule

If you would like to download a PDF of the changes click here.

Changes to the Schedule View

Lesson Shuffling and Create Extra Session

It’s now possible to shuffle lessons forward or backward by a week; this will push all following lessons forward or backward one week.

To do this, expand the detail of a lesson, select the session you want to shuffle and click the Shuffle Back or Shuffle Forward icon.


The Create Extra Session function allows you to add on an extra session to a provision if any previous sessions were cut short and the time purchased has not been met.  This is an idea method to use where teachers deliver lessons but cut them short.  So that the full due time is delivered over a full term you can create an extra visit.  This feature is also useful should a teacher want to split a lesson due to be provided for a specific week.  Say for example a teacher is scheduled to visit a school for two hours on a Tuesday afternoon but for some reason wishes to change this to an hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.  To achieve this you can alter the original lesson to be an hour long and then create an extra hour session for the morning.

To use this feature simply click on the Create Extra Session Icon and choose the time, date and duration of the extra lesson.


Separation of Ad Hoc and Term/Annual Schedule Activity View

This new feature means that Ad Hoc provision activities are kept separate from your Term Based provision activities.  This de-clutters the schedule display as activities such as courses and trips are displayed in a separate list from standard academic term based activities.

To switch between the two lists click on the Term/Annual Schedule or the Ad Hoc Schedule view icon when viewing a schedule.  Note when adding a new activity you need to have first selected the appropriate view.



Default Ad Hoc Provisions

This function allows you to set the default number of sessions, session duration and session frequency for an Ad Hoc provision. This facility is particularly useful when you provide tuition on a simple repeating week pattern. For example you provide six weeks tuition to a pupil and then repeat this with another six weeks and so on until the pupil finishes.



Rooms in Centres

This allows you manage multiple rooms or studios with a single centre allowing you maintain separate diaries for each.

Too add a room go to the Rooms tab in the Centre Record and click New Room


Too add a lesson to a room select the room from the Venue option when creating the Centre Activity


When you select the diary view from a Centre record, individual room diaries are displayed for up to two rooms.  Click on the drop down bar at the top of each diary to change the room.


You can merge all room diaries together or show then has separate diary views by clicking on the Show Rooms icon on the ribbon.


Individual Lessons

This allows you to create a lesson for a specific pupil rather than creating a lesson first and then adding one or more pupils to it.   As a result the lesson only exists while the pupil attends i.e. if you enter a finish date for the pupil then the lesson will finish, likewise if you finish the lesson then the pupil is assumed to finish.

To add individual lessons simply go to the Schedule view of your teacher or venue and click the Pupil Activity icon



New option on Print Debtor Balances

It is now possible to list accounts which have marked as Held or Stopped but have made a payment since a specified date.  To produce this list, select the Print Debtor Balances Report and choose the Held or Stopped with Transactions Since option.





This feature allows you to select the defaults as to which reports you want Emailed and which you want Printed. You can also select whether or not you want to send an SMS Notification to the recipient to inform them that you have produced the report.

To set the System Profile Defaults go to Tools -> Housekeeping -> User Profile Defaults.


This will display a set of tabs for each part of the system and on each tab is listed the related reports.  By default all reports are set to print and not have a text notification.  To change this for any report select it from the list and click the add button.  This will move the report into the right hand column where to can select the required Publish Methods and Notification.

However if a particular person e.g. Teacher, School, Payer etc may like a particular report produced via a different method from the default.  So for example you may have set your system default to email out Payer Invoices but a specific payer may want theirs posted.  In such a case you can override the system defaults by opening up the record card and setting the profile for this person.



Other Diaries


The Other Diaries icon allows you to add various Teacher diaries to the view so you can see if any of them have corresponding free times in which you could enter a lesson.  This has a number of uses, take for example you have a request to provide some individual tuition at one of your centres.  In order to recourse this you can open the Centre record and view its diary.  From this you can see the free time for each room.  By clicking on the Other Diaries icon you can pull in selected teacher diaries in order to find if they also have free time.


Note it is not possible to alter the Teachers’ diaries from this view


Other Changes


Multiple Teacher Lessons
On the Centre Pupil Lists, Lessons with multiple Teachers no show all teachers involved.

Instrument Hire Link
The Pupil Name on a School Pupil Instrument hire is now a link to that pupils Record Card, i.e. when you double click on a School Pupil Hire the corresponding pupil record is opened.

Remove Tuition Icon
The Remove Tuition Icon has been re-instated.

Please Note that this icon removes all of the tuition’s history from the database. Only use this option when you want to delete the pupil’s tuition, if you want to end the tuition you need to enter a finish date.

Instrument Search View

When listing Instruments the status column now shows the related person where the instrument is on loan.


Unscheduled Requirements Fix

There was a problem with opening the Unscheduled Requirements Report which has now been fixed.

Pupil Record Tuition Amendments Fix
On the pupil Records, amendments made to tuition in the Autumn term now is copied onto the subsequent terms

Pupil Transfer Fix

There was a problem with Pupil Transfers which has now been fixed

Startup Error Fix

There was an occasional Startup error which has now been fixed

Pupil Timetable report Fix

Last Names now show in the Navigation Pane when printing Pupil Timetable in Diary format

Finish Dates Fix

There was a problem with the default Finish Date which has now been fixed

Signature Fix

Signatures entered on User Records now show in Emails.

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