9 December 2010

Celebrating 5 years of a successful partnership

Paritor Ltd and North Somerset Music Service commemorate 5 years of working together to provide a high standard of service for music pupils in North Somerset. Paritor’s principal software Ensemble Enterprise has supported North Somerset Music Service in much of their day-to-day running. Enterprise has offered assistance from general administration to producing complex financial reports. The key initiative being to allow The Music Service to progress in their key role; delivering the best service that they can to pupils in the most cost effective way.

In May 2005 North Somerset Music Service incorporated Ensemble in its day to day running. Five short years later the partnership is stronger than ever.

So how did it all come about? The initial idea came from North Somerset’s Head of Service, Mark Trego who realised that in order to operate efficiently and to the optimum standard, the administration of the service needed a central software solution. Mark called Les Wharram, whose expertise lay in this field as ICT Project Manager North Somerset,. Les didn’t take this decision lightly, and after carefully establishing the requirements of the service including those set by the DfES, he undertook a thorough examination and review of the market. Eventually Ensemble Enterprise was found to tick all the boxes and prevailed above all others, with most importantly providing a ‘value for money solution’.

5 years later both organisations have seen many changes but as with any good relationship they have grown and evolved together. Both organisations share the vision of providing the best quality music service to pupils efficiently with value for money and this has been the core foundations of the successful partnership.

Today, North Somerset works with over 6000 young performers each week through delivering training to school teachers, running festivals and projects, undertaking visits to schools in order to introduce music from other cultures , delivering ICT sessions, providing instruments and leading bands, orchestras and choirs.

Mark Trego, Head of Service at North Somerset Music Service said ‘The range and quantity of music provision in North Somerset has been developing very rapidly for a number of years; to such an extent that the administration and management processes came under severe strain. Introducing Ensemble as the central tool in the administrating of the service has had a very positive impact and effectively removed barriers to expansion and future development.’

Great success has come to North Somerset Music Service this year, in Jan it gained praise from government inspectors. An independent evaluation of the service by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) said the service was ‘very good with outstanding features’.

Rob Lawrie, Paritor’s Senior Software Developer says ‘We are very proud to be in association with such a great organisation. They are always striving to improve their service and we are glad to be a part of that. We would like to say a massive thank you for the remarkable 5 years of business and we hope that this will continue long into the future’

‘It’s been really good to work with a company that has such a passion for music but that also has a strong business head, constantly looking for new and innovative ways of improving the service they offer.’

This five year anniversary celebration not only commemorates these accomplishments, but it also recognises the potential of this partnership to provide an even better service in the future. Mark Trego Allied with exceptional product support from the Paritor team, investing in Ensemble has proved a very worthwhile undertaking.'

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