1 December 2010

Celebrating 5 years at Paritor

In 2005 Rob joined Paritor to help re-engineer the core product, Ensemble. Rob had just finished University and was looking to find a project that really interested him. As a keen guitarist from 7 years old, he had experienced and been a product of the amazing work done by the local authority music services, and so Paritor seemed an obvious choice.

Since then Rob has held an innovative role within the company, making a number of key developments to the software. At present he is currently leading the development of the cloud based software which will mark a key milestone in the company's roadmap. So according to Rob what have been the highlights ... 'Obviously working on Ensemble has been a fantastic project; it is a very specialised and truly innovative product. We are able to develop a close relationship with all of our clients, something which I feel so many software companies fail to do.'

'The reason that it is has been so interesting for these last 5 years is that we really want to make a difference to music education, and here at Paritor we do this through ensuring that we are always at the cutting edge of new developments within both software engineering and music education. These past 5 years have been absolutely fantastic.'

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