22 November 2010

The tick list approach to teaching say the Oates Report

The national curriculum is overloaded and is dire need a major reform to get rid of its bureaucratic processes say the report lead by Tim Oates.

The paper which was realised on Thursday, “Could do better: using international comparisons to refine the National Curriculum in England”, has warned that "overbearing assessment" has led to "narrow drilling for tests".

Oates warns that change can not only be implemented by changing what is taught in school but this should also include teaching quality, teacher expertise, learning materials and inspection.

Education secretary Michael Gove is keen to take on board some of the ideas put forward by Mr Oates in the report.

"This fascinating and insightful paper offers a concise analysis of some of the problems with our current national curriculum and helps explain why so many other nations are outpacing us in educational performance," he said.

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