26 November 2010

Paritor recieve Microsoft recognition

This year not only are we in the process of being registered as a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner but we have also been invited to become a member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel.

The Microsoft Silver Certified Partnership will also mean that our software will also have been accredited by Microsoft and its rigorous testing process.

Being a member of the panel, will mean that we will only be one of a limited number of Microsoft partners who are invited to join, we will be gaining insights and able to make a really contribution to the future of the company and the software that they develop. Our team will be at the cutting edge of any new developments, as well as having an influential voice in the future innovation.

It will be a powerful way of being able to present our thoughts and opinions, and keeping up to date with any changes and innovations will mean that you will continue to have the most influential and best software that is available.

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