9 November 2010

KS2 review is welcomed by teachers

The coalition government has determined that there will be a review into the tests for primary children at key stage 2, a decision that has been welcomed by all teachers and unions.

Education Secretary Michael Gove has appointed, Lord Bew, to chair the external review into Key Stage 2 testing, assessment and accountability.

The National Union of Teacher’s General Sectertary, Christine Blower stated the following:

"For too long children's education has been blighted by an assessment regime which limits the curriculum and encourages teaching to the test,"

She went on to say "We need assessment that is meaningful, more accurate and focuses on what children can do and arises from teaching activity making it manageable in terms of teacher workload."

Last academic year a quarter of schools boycotted the KS2 tests. The review lead by Lord Bew will consist of a small review panel made up of two education experts, a number of primary headteachers and one secondary school head.

The department for education has announced that it will be looking at the following issues.

  • how best to ensure schools are properly accountable to pupils, parents and the taxpayer for the achievement and progress of every child, on the basis of objective and accurate assessments how to ensure parents have good-quality information on the progress of their children and the success of schools

  • how to avoid, as far as possible, the risk of perverse incentives, over-rehearsal and reduced focus on productive learning

  • how to ensure performance information is used and interpreted appropriately within the accountability system by other agencies, increasing transparency and preserving accountability to parents, pupils and the taxpayer while avoiding the risk of crude and narrow judgements being made.

The final report will be published by June 2011.

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