13 October 2010


Paritor Ltd, a software house based in Devon who has been solely providing software solutions for the last 15 years to Music and Performing Arts Services, has been confirmed as being the leading provider for management and administration software.
Paritor’s core product Ensemble is way ahead of competition for music and performing arts services in the UK, a recent survey has found. The survey was commissioned by Paritor to find out more about music and performing arts service’s management and administration.

7 x more popular

Ensemble is over seven times more popular than its nearest rival and is the clear choice for any Performing Arts Service. Angela Ball, Head of Knowsley Music & Performing Arts, says :
'We chose Ensemble over all the comparable systems available because it seems the most exciting and innovative one to help move our service forward.'

Paritor works solely with music and performing arts services, which means that the solution offered is tailored to them.
Clients range from large shire based local government authorities with enormous geographic range and over 15,000 students to inner-city local government authorities with a dispersion of around 2,000 pupils. These services all require something different, and Ensemble is able to provide their solution which has become an invaluable tool to clients. Russell Charley, Coventry Performing Arts Service:
'We selected Ensemble as the result of recommendations nationally from other Music Services and wanted to support a company who shared the same passion towards Performing Arts as we do and therefore understood our needs. Ensemble has reduced the need for double entry of our information on to a staff/accounts database and has led to savings in the region of £10K annually. The management information produced from Ensemble enables us to look at the service and how we are performing so that we can develop our business plan.'
The Paritor team ensure that the software is continuously up to date with the newest developments in the software world which means that it is of the highest standard possible. Managing Director Simon Dutton thinks this is to why Ensemble has been so successful.
‘The key to the success of Ensemble lies in the flexibility to adapt to any music and performing arts service and the way that they run. We are constantly updating our software so that it conforms to authority regulations, keeping us always one step ahead of the competition. Our software engineers always work with the most innovative solution.
However, whilst this is excellent news for the company, the survey also found that more than 60% of services do not use any integrated management tool. These services are still in the age of using a selection of tools such as Excel, Access and council based finance systems.
This lack of integration and the inability to bring together teacher activity, pupil information and financials is restricting the amount and accuracy of management information and having a negative effect on the service provided to customers. Two factors which are becoming extremely important as services find themselves coming under more and more financial pressures. Ensemble can provide the Solution.
Simon Dutton, Managing Director ‘The next 6 months mark an exciting time for the company, and we hope to take the performing arts world by storm. This month we have launched our first ever free software solution, Ensemble Schedule (Beta) which we hope will assist teaching managers in their management and administration. ‘
To find out more information about Paritor and its software solution Ensemble please visit www.paritor.com or call one our team on 01395 445092.

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