29 October 2010

November will mark Teacher’s Month at Paritor

Paritor will address the concerns and pressures which are felt by many teachers across the country.

November will mark teacher month at Paritor following the most recent launch of Ensemble Schedule. Ensemble Schedule is design specifically for the management of teachers and will be given away free.

In honour of this new development, the company have decided to mark its launch by dedicating November to the celebration of teachers, the core feature of the software solution. The month will focus on different activities applauding the hard work and dedication of those who play an influential role in education, but also looking at the stress and pressures which they face today. The end of October marked the coalition government’s comprehensive spending review and the funding cuts have considerably heightened both teachers and teacher manager’s stress, with worries that they may lose their jobs as well as the pressure of having to do more for less. Therefore, it is the perfect time to launch Ensemble Schedule a free product that can be used to improve the organisation and simplify teacher management.

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