1 October 2010

Hints & Help: Total numbers of Pupils/Instruments

The Paritor Help blog is returning for its second installment. The question that was asked in this support ticket was a 'How To' question that I think would be others would find useful, so here it is.

The customer asked how to get a list of the total number of pupils presently having lessons within the service, not including and incuding groups. And also get a list of the total number of instruments out on loan etc.

The answer is as follows:

For the Pupils having lessons you need to produce Pupil Lists and Member Lists for groups. These are found in the School, Centre and Group tabs of the Ribbon Menu. When you publish the report, open the Data tab, which will take you to a table of the data, click any column header containing a Sigma (The Big 'E' thing) and from the drop down list that appears click 'count' you will then be see the total number of Pupils/Members having tution at the moment at the bottom of the table. Note that you need to do this with Schools, Centres and Groups separately and then add them together, there is no report to show ALL pupils having tuition at the moment.

To get a list of instruments there is a simelar process, firstly you will need to print an Instrument Stock Report and select that you want a list of all instruments.To get this to to Instruments -> Print Instrument Stock Report. Once you have done this click on the data tab and do a count (like with the Pupil lists). Then you need to group the data by the InstrumentStatusDsc column, from this you will be able to see how many instruments are on hire etc.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. The Help Blog will return next week for multiple installments. Remember if you ask a good question, it may well turn up here so watch this space!

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