21 October 2010

Hints & Help: Progress and Batch Transfer Pupils Icons

The most noteable Support Ticket this week contained a question about a couple of icons that have been removed.

The customer asked said 'The Progress Pupil buttonand batch transfer button does not seem to the there - unless I'm not looking in the right place - it used to be at the top?

The answer was as follows

Yes your right the button isnt there any more, we have changed the layout a bit because there were a few too many icons to fit on the screen for smaller moniters. To prgress pupils now what you need to do is selcet transfer pupil and then choose the option 'Transfer at end of' selct the necessary provision, this will have the same effect as the progress pupil function.

We have also removed the Batch transfer and Batch progress pupil option, now what you need to do is select the pupils you want to progress/transfer (using teh Ctrl or Shift keys) and press Transfer/finish pupil, a list of those pupils will then appear and from there you can progress or transfer them

I hope that this will avoid any confusion in the future for those who want to use these funtions.
The Help Blog will return next week.

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