29 October 2010

Updates: Changes in the System

The Help Blog this week is slightly different, Instead of retelling an interesting Support Ticket. We have decided that it would infact be better to inform you of the changes to the system that are to be implemented in V4.1.6.25 Enjoy.

Changes to Viewing Pupils from the Schedule

This year we have had several queries regarding the process of transferring pupils between lessons and entering finish dates for pupils. We have therefore taken a fresh look at the way this works within the system and made a number of changes which we hope will simplify things and make it more straightforward to operate.
You will see that the buttons within the Pupil Group are only active when their specific operation can be performed. So for example you can only select Transfer Pupils(s) when one or more pupils have been selected and you can only view a Pupils Details when a single pupil is selected.

Entering a Finish Date
Rather than having two separate buttons on the ribbon to enter a Finish Date and to Remove a Finish Date we now have just the single button that changes depending on the state of the current pupil. So if the currently selected pupil has a finish date the button will provide the option to remove the finish date and where the current pupil does not have a finish date the button allows you to add a finish date.
We have also added an icon to the display to indicate where a pupil has a finish date in a future provision (term). The system has always displayed a small red no entry icon alongside pupils who have a finish date within the currently selected provision but you will now see a grey version of this icon where the pupil has a finish date but you have selected to view a provision that is not the provision in which they finish.

When you select to enter a finish date you now have an option to finish the pupil at the end of the currently selected provision. This option is in addition to the existing option of selecting a specific date. Where you do select to enter a specific date, the date you select is now restricted to being within the currently selected provision.

The Batch Finish button has been removed. To finish a batch of pupils you now select the pupils you want to finish by holding down either the CTRL or Shift button and selecting the pupils. The Enter Finish date operation will then apply to all the selected pupils.

The Delete Tuition button has also been removed as a number of users were mistakenly using this to finish a pupil’s tuition rather than entering an actual finish date resulting in all the tuition details being removed. To totally remove a pupil’s tuition use the Enter Finish date and select a date on or before the pupils original start date. Note that in order to do this do will need to select the pupil’s original start provision so that the form allows you to select this date.

Transferring Pupils between Activities

As with the Enter Finish Date operation the Batch Transfer button has been removed and you now transfer multiple pupils by selecting them all and then hitting the Transfer Pupil(s) button.

The Transfer Pupil form has been changed slightly. The Transfer at End of Provision option has been removed accept for when you have selected the last provision of the year. This removes the confusion over whether to transfer as at the start or end of a provision. If a pupil changes activity between terms the required approach is therefore to select the provision in which the pupil starts in the new activity and then take the option to transfer from the start of the provision. This is the only way to perform this transfer correctly, selecting the Transfer on date option and choosing the last day of the provision will not result in the desired result. Doing so will result in the pupil being in the original provision for all but the last day and then being in the new provision for the last day of the provision.

Where a pupil transfers within a provision then you must select that provision and take the option to specify the transfer date. The available dates are restricted to dates that fall within the selected provision.

The one exception to the guidelines above is where you need to transfer a pupil at the end of the academic year. This situation occurs when the activity a pupil is in does not exist in the following year. The system is therefore not able to progress the pupil into the next year leaving the pupil in a state where they do not have a finish date but are not in an activity. These pupils can be listed using the Unallocated Pupils report. To resolve this situation you need to indicate in the original year where to pupil is to go in the following year and to do this you use the transfer facility, first selecting the last provision of the original year. The Transfer form will offer an option to Transfer as at the End of the Provision and if selected will list the activities available in the following year.

I hope that this has helped and that you have all had a nice half term. The Help Blog will return next week and it its usual format.

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