13 October 2010

Free to use Ensemble Schedule Launched

This month we are launching a new piece of software which will be available for you to use absolutely FREE. The beta version of Ensemble Schedule will take the stress out of managing your teachers, one of the most time consuming and demanding tasks for any music service. To find out more about what you can get from Ensemble Schedule please Click Here

Free to install and use on any number of PC's

Cloud based database so you can access you data from anywhere the software is installed e.g. office, home or out at schools.

Hold detailed records of Schools and Centres plus your bands and orchestras.

Comprehensive details of all your teachers.

Define and hold all your teaching schedules.

Maintain detailed diaries of teachers and venues.

Record non-delivery of lessons including reasons.

Produce service level agreements for your clients.

Calculate your school bills and generate billing advice notes.

Produce Teacher agreements detailing their work for the year compared to their contract.

Print Teacher Timesheets and Registers.

Provide Access for teachers to remotely update their diaries.

Produce reports and analysis using Paritor Insight.

Email and Text Teachers and Clients.

Best of all, it is absolutely FREE and because it will be hosted through a cloud database you can access your information from anywhere providing that you have installed Ensemble Schedule giving you the flexibility to work from home, another office or even the Bahamas! To start using your FREE copy of the software, simply download from: www.paritor.com/ensembleSchedule or alternatively for more information contact one of the team on 01395 445092.

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