27 October 2010

Arts Council England cuts announced

In the aftermath of the government’s spending review, the Arts Council England has been left with a massive 29.6% cut in its budget.

The budget has been cut from £449 million to £349 million and is going to affect everyone involved in music and arts. But how have the Art Council decided where to make the biggest savings. Below is a brief outline of the cuts which were announced yesterday:

• A 6.9% across-the-board cash cut for U.K. arts organizations in 2011/12.

• A 14.9% real-terms cut to the money available for the regular funding of arts organizations by 2014/15.

• Significant cuts to the funding of Creativity, Culture and Education, Arts and Business, and the Arts Council's development funds.

• A 50% reduction to the Arts Council's operating costs, currently stated as £22m ($34.8m), by 2015.

In response to these cuts Liz Forgan, chair of Arts Council England, has said: "We are determined to lead the arts through this tough period, using all our knowledge, expertise, and brokering skills, and drawing on the resourcefulness and imagination around us."

"These measures are designed to ensure a strong and resilient future. The country needs its artists at a time like this and we are about building, as well as sustaining, our unparalleled arts and cultural sector,"

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