28 September 2010


Paritor has been providing software solutions for local authority performing arts services for nearly 15 years but October will mark a significant development in the solutions history. Live will be launched 27th October 2010.

Live will provide performing arts services with the ability to interact with their two key stakeholder groups in a way that way that was not previously possible. The service will be able to access the most up-to-date information from these groups and interact with them; allowing them to increasingly streamline their businesses and operate efficiently. The overall aim of Live is to build upon Ensemble’s core aim reduce time and costs for the local authority services.

More information will be release Friday 1st October 2010.

27 September 2010

Blooming Success - Gold Award 2010

We are proud to announce that Budleigh in Bloom have scooped the gold award in the Ayre Cup category 2010, in the South West in Bloom contest. The committee sponsored by Paritor have landed this prize now for a second year in a row, and members were in high spirits on Friday when celebrations took place

Pat Prew, chairman of Budleigh in Bloom, said: “A grand day was had by all.
“Thank you to everybody who continues to support us and all of the helpers without whom we would not be able to reach the standard necessary to gain the gold.”

Bob Flowerdew, former presenter of the BBC Gardeners World television show presented the members with their award at the ceremony in Bath.

Beryl Maynard, secretary, commended the locals for their hard work in preparing for the competition, said: “The village once again pulled out all the stops and everybody worked hard to achieve the success.

The displays reached perfection just in time for the judge’s visit and the private gardens were superb as usual.

“They particularly singled out the immaculate, sharp-edged lawns in the war memorial and the splendid floral beds. The difficult bit will be to achieve the same standard next year’

24 September 2010

Hints & Help: Payer Letters

Welcome to the very first Help blog from Paritor. Every week new blogs will be posted containing the most interesting questions and their solutions to help you use Paritor to it's full potential.

A customer came to us with the following question. They wanted to confirm that if a parent gets all three payer letters in one term, for example Spring Term, that parent wont recieve any more reminder letters in the subsiquent term(s).

The answer was as follows:

'Thats correct, once a payer has received all letters the system will not produce any further letters as there are no more in the sequence.

If a payer though pays the oldest invoice(s) i.e. the one(s) that have received all the letters but leaves other outstanding invoices the system will produce the next letter due for the remaining invoice. So for example if a payer has the three outstanding invoices dated:

Inv 1000 dated 1/1/10
Inv 2000 dated 15/1/10
Inv 3000 dated 31/1/10

and you have run reminder letters on the 14/1/10, 30/1/10 and 14/2/10, the payer will have received all three letters. If you do not remove the pupils from tuition and terminate hires as you say you will in the last letter then the system will produce a new invoice for spring, say this is invoice 4000 and for the purpose of this example say this was dated 1/6/10. If you run reminder letters say on 1/7/10 this payer will not get another letter as you have already sent all three letters, the last one saying the lessons will be stopped. It will though list this payer as still oweing money.

If the payer pays the oldest invoice number 1000, after which you run the letters again the system will produce another letter 3. This is because the remaining invoices have only appeared on letter 1 and letter 2.

If on the other hand the payer clears the the two oldest invoices leaving just inv 3000 and the new invoice 4000 the payer will receive letter 2 followed by letter 3 the next time the letters are run.'

Thanks for reading this and I hope it has helped, the Help blog will return in the next couple of days.

23 September 2010


The nominations stage for Paritor’s Charity of the Year 2011 will be closing in one week and the company is still calling for nominations. So if you know of any Charity which could do with some extra support over the next year then your suggestion could really make a difference.

Jodie Vickerstaff, Marketing and PR: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for Charities who may not necessarily have their hearts in performing arts but who can visualise links with themselves and Paritor. The partnership will be the most high profile for the company and a fantastic opportunity not only with regard to fundraising but for gaining extra publicity’.

The invitation is there for organisations to make their pitch for a time in the spotlight.

Information about the application process can be found at www.paritor.com.

The closing date for applications is Friday, 1st of October, or for more information contact JodieVickerstaff@paritor.co.uk

3 September 2010


Today Paritor launched its search for a charity of the year 2011. The company who have always supported charities are looking to give more back to the community by supporting a Charity of the Year. Paritor is looking for a charity that will share the company’s core objectives and mission.

The software house has worked solely with educators in music and the performing arts for 15 years, and is the leading provider for local authority performing arts services in the UK. In this inaugural year, the chosen charity will be the focus of Paritor’s fundraising efforts for 12 months and will come on board in Jan 2011.
The charity of the year will be the most high profile partnership for Paritor and now the invitation is there for organisations to make their pitch for a time in the spotlight. The nominations can be put forward by either trustees or advocates for the charity. The charity’s nominations and statements will then be added to the Paritor website where it will be up to clients and members of the public to vote. Voting will be closing 30th November. The “winner” will be announced at the beginning of December.

Simon Dutton, Managing Director at Paritor said: ‘This will be our first year of having a “Charity of the year” and it will be a brilliant opportunity for our staff and the local area to get involved in volunteering and fundraising initiatives. We hope the 12 months from Jan will see an inspirational and rewarding partnership develop’.

Charities that would like to know more about the selection process for charity of the year are advised to visit www.paritor.com or to speak to Jodie Vickerstaff, Marketing and PR for more information JodieVickerstaff@paritor.co.uk .